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    SENTUM SUPPLEMENTS is a FINALIST of Seaside Startup Summit 2023

    Sentum Supplements is a finalist of Seaside Startup Summit 2023 and we are happy to share these news with you. In July, Sentum participated in Seaside Startup Summit 23 (https://www.seasidestartupsummit.com) , the largest venture event in Armenia. This experience proved to be highly enriching, providing us with the valuable opportunity to connect with numerous distinguished individuals. Throughout the event, we presented our company, showcased our products, and unveiled our groundbreaking R&D methodology to both local investors and businesses. In addition to these activities, we had the privilege of participating in workshops led by business professional and UC Berkeley SCET Global Ambassador, Chris Burry ( https://www.berkeley.edu ). We extend our heartfelt gratitude to him for his invaluable recommendations and insightful comments on our company’s development. Thank you Chris Burry!

    Furthermore, we wish to express our appreciation to Dr. Hakob Hakobyan for his outstanding organization of SSS23, set against the backdrop of the picturesque Sevan Lake. We would like to extend the same gratitude to Granatus Venture and TripleS Venture for engaging in meaningful conversations with us. Thank you for choosing. We are very happy that SENTUM supplements is a finalist of Seaside Startup Summit 2023.

    Looking ahead, we hold great optimism regarding the possibility of collaborating with Armenian businesses in the near future and extending our product offerings to Yerevan. Armenia, as one of the world’s oldest countries, had a profound impact on the Sentum team during and after SSS23. We developed a deep appreciation for Armenian culture and history, and we were genuinely impressed by the richness of their cultural heritage and the profound spiritual depth of the Armenian people.

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