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    Sentum Group

    Sentum Group S.L is a European company, founded in 2021 with a global vision. It operates in the field of life sciences, primarily focusing on the nutrition industry, where it develops innovative plant based combinations for a target physiological and psychological effects.Our medical team has more than 40 years of experience in medicine/drug development and nutrition. With a highly skilled and renowned medical team, we have successfully created the first clinically validated product to combat sugar cravings and are currently placing greater emphasis on mood modulation products.

    We use several technics to make our products high quality and high effective: fractioning, screenig of thousands relevant information, in-vitro studies, in-vivo studies and in-silico studies. Our capabilities encompass a wide range of delivery methods, such as sachet, drinks, shots, tablets, capsules, candies, chocolate, sprays, teas, granules, creams.

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