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    Sentum is a Semi-Finalist of WWF Awards

    The WFF Startup Innovation Awards, powered by Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) are a global startup competition established to support and showcase young innovators and entrepreneurs who are harnessing the power of technology to drive the sustainable transformation of agrifood systems in support of ending global hunger and achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. For the third edition, were received 400 application submissions from 69 countries across all FAO Four Better categories (Better Production, Better Nutrition, Better Environment, and Better Life).

    Sentum Became a semi-finalist of WFF Startup Innovation Awards. The global goal is to improve the quality of life, by obesity risk reduction and as a result reduction in diabetes type 2 patients quantity in Europe.

    The Sentum therapy with the main product could be integrated into daily lifestyle with convenient delivery forms – such as food, drinks, coffees, sachets and hot meals. Places such as schools, universities and cafes in offices can be great points for having food with sentum ingredients.
    The completely natural extract formula makes it safe for most of the people , provides a delicious taste and promotes a healthy endocrine system.

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