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    Got it as a New Year’s present from my friend, really interesting product and packaging. I have a family history of heart problems so I want to be extra careful with what I take, so far I trust Sentum!

    Fargo H

    Interesting product, I have tried Sentum Sugar before and now I am trying Sentum Hearth. This one tastes even better, I think I need more time to truly see how it works. I have problems with high blood pressure and i think Sentum Heart helps me!

    Masha B

    I do sports daily, and always try out different supplements and vitamins to help my body with such challenges. My trainer told me to take these supplements. this is my first time trying Sentum and I am satisfied. The pills taste good.

    Elizabeth C.

    I’ve been a customer of sentum for a while now, I was happy to see that they got new products out. So far I am very happy with these supplements!

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