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    Vivana P

    Winston K

    Anastasia H

    Philipp R

    Geron F

    Maria Orden


    I am very happy that Sentum launched new products! I am usual customer and already tried Sentum Heart! Very good effect on a blood pressure. I see reduction after 10 days of taking.

    Mila B

    My friend recommended me Sentum Heart! He is very happy with result, so today I ordered it and will be waiting for my experience!

    Ashley S

    Very good product! I am going to gym 3 times per week and after physical activity take Sentum. I like how I feel after, so definitely recommend!


    Got it as a New Year’s present from my friend, really interesting product and packaging. I have a family history of heart problems so I want to be extra careful with what I take, so far I trust Sentum!

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