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    Travel Box Travel Box

    Travel Box 34,90 €

    Course: 2 weeks

    A combination of nine natural active ingredients that helps you to:

    • Reduce sugar cravings
    • Prevent stress eating
    • Control glucose levels

    The proven efficiency of our stress eating and food craving supplements is based on their ingredients. A combination of nine natural active ingredients help you to reduce sugar consumption and form healthier nutrition habits, stabilizing and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.
    This 2-weeks box is a perfect choice if you want to get to know the supplement or if you are always on the go! See the result for yourself - reduced sugar cravings, better mood, and refreshed immunity system.

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    100% natural


    in eu

    With regular use Sentum

    • stabilizes glucose level
    • contributes to forming healthy habits
    • improves skin condition and sleep quality
    • helps stopping sugar cravings
    • improves body efficiency
    • promotes healthy weight loss

    Sentum Formula

    Nutritional value 100 g 1,7g
    Energy value, kcal 372,9 6,33
    Total Fat, g 3,3 0,056
    Including saturated fatty acids 0,0 0,0
    Total Carbohydrates, g 28,5 0,485
    Including sugars 1,0 0,017
    Fiber, g 54,5 0,92
    Protein, g 3,8 0,065
    Sodium (salt*), g 0 0

    * The salt content is a result of the presence of natural sodium.

    How to Use Sentum

    Take Sentum 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening before any food consumption.

    Maximum Sentum pills per day — 2 pills.

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