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    Sentum’s Philosophy

    Heeling philosophy

    SENTUM Group is a company made by a family with 5 generations of doctors. There were more than 12 different doctors throughout those 5 generations, which worked in different areas - therapy, homeopathy, gynaecology, urology, dentistry, ophthalmology. More than 400 years of medical experience, which was passed on to further generations.

    Beauty and health is always connected. Our nature is fantastic and our main idea is to reopen it and help your body work in right way throughout the day. Nowadays, more and more pharmaceutical drugs are released. Some of them cause very strong side effects, but don’t provide the desired results. More than 90% of problems can be prevented with natural treatment and correct diet/lifestyle. Our main goal is to help you start a healthy lifestyle or provide you the strongest natural solutions to your problems. We use highest allowed ratio of ingredients and develop each supplement individually under the medical group supervision.

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