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    Sentum Meal-Plan Sentum Meal-Plan

    Sentum Meal-Plan14,99 €

    Practical. Effective. Absolutely Delicious.

    Your health transformation begins today! Balanced, nutritious food can be extremely delicious! You deserve the best — which is why we have asked the world-renowned restaurant owner, Chef Lauris Alekseevs, to create a customized meal plan that will help you kick your sugar habit away.

    • Time-saving nutritious meals that help you feel fuller for longer
    • No starvation, weakness, or cravings in the Sentum Meal-Plan
    • Prepared from a list of 15 dishes that are packed with flavor and nutrients
    • Created in collaboration with Nutritionist Svetlana Alekseeva

    Sentum Meal-Plan is a dietary guide that not only helps you lose fat, but is also packed with nutrients that keep your energy up all day.


    Sentum meal plan guide

    Benefits of Sentum Meal Plan—Besides Weight Loss

    Studies prove that lifestyle changes prevent up to 80% of premature heart disease and events of strokes

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    Healthy, balanced diet can lower blood pressure and keep heart valves healthy

    • Blood glucose control and blood pressure management
    • Reduce intestinal inflammation
    • High in fiber, low in sugar & fat—naturally reduces intestinal inflammations and restores healthy gut flora
    • A colorful combination of nutritious vegetables, fruits, and legumes that provide a healthy combination of probiotics
    • A balanced dietary plan packed with vitamins and minerals
    • Acne reduction, healthier hair and nails


    Why do you need the Sentum Meal Plan?

    For a healthy lifestyle shift, it’s imperative to ensure your diet matches your goals. Perfect for every member of the family. Timesaving, tasty nutrition for high workout performance, higher energy, nursing mothers, and professionals with fast-paced lives.

    Is the Sentum course medically approved?

    Yes! Svetlana Alekseeva is a certified nutritionist—a member of the Association of Dieticians and Nutritionists in Latvia. Alongside her team of doctors that specialize in weight management and health improvement, Svetlana has created a program that is balanced, flavorful, nutritious—with the perfect combination of ingredients that help you fight those sweet temptations.

    Who has created the Meal plan?

    Renowned chef and restaurant owner Lauris Alekseevs has created a dietary plan that will change how you approach diets. Sentum Meal Plan consists of 15 dishes that do not contain refined sugar and are incredibly flavorful.

    How does the Sentum Meal Plan help me lose weight?

    By ensuring your body is fueled with nutrients at every meal, the Sentum meal plan ensures you don’t suffer from hunger pangs throughout the day. Free of simple and refined carbohydrates, and devoid of saturated fats, Sentum meals ensure to keep your energy up and keep you full until your next meal. With more protein and vegetables, you would not even feel like you are on a diet. What is more, the Sentum meal plan also contains tasty desserts!

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