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    Science and Research

    Based on a Retropective

    Based on a retrospective assessment of the results of clinical observations of 198 volunteers during summer and autumn 2020, the following effects of Sentum can be distinguished: a decrease in the level of glucose, total cholesterol, and triglycerides of blood, an improvement of body efficiency, a decrease of depression symptoms, a decrease in the frequency of acute respiratory viral diseases. In 47% of women with an age of 30-45 years, the skin condition and sleep quality have improved. In 6 out of 11 girls (age 19-22), a reduction of body weight of up to 2.4 kg was noted within a month. Also at the end of 2020, funds were allocated by a group of investors to carry out more clinical trials and to bring the Sentum group to one of the world's leading positions in the treatment of sugar addiction and diabetes.

    The Researches had be done by Sentum Group Show as below

    Science and Research Science and Research
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