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    Defrost frozen foods in minutes safely and naturally with our THAW KING™.

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    To your success,


    Meggie Peres

    I believe that tablets has impacted my skin and I will continue to take them! 

    Irene Garzia

    He dejado de comer dulces tanto. Probablemente compraré más Sentum y espero ver más resultados.

    Alia Line

    I have purchased the smallest pack, since I like to test products before committing to them. I am very satisfied with the product and I was able to see a starting change to my habits. 

    Brand Conors

    I bought myself a test try box and I am very happy with the result, I measured my glucose level everyday and it actually did become more stable. 

    Noe Woodard

    I must watch my blood sugar level. I noted that when I  took this product my blood sugar levels went way down.

    Ronnie Fox

    I am a pre-diabetic and take these vitamins to contribute to my overall health. It helps if used daily and taken a course.


    I’m so excited about receiving this product! Just not sure about the taste of liquorice. I haven’t liked it since childhood. Anyway It is used for pre-diabetes, so I will definitely take it.

    Agathe Agathe

    I wasn’t sure what to expect when I got this. I think I see this actually working pretty well for me.

    Claudia James

    I am very pleased thus far with how it has helped me with sugar cravings during PMS and mint helps to prevent painful symptoms.

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