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    Francesca Colombo

    Verified Buyer

    USE: 1 month

    Problem: SUGAR CRAVING

    I eat when I’m stressed. It makes me not think of snacks and sweets.


    Samantha Tremblay

    Verified Buyer

    USE: 4 months

    Problem: Stress eating

    The added help with appetite suppression and possible weight loss was a nice bonus.


    Juan Scot

    Verified Buyer

    USE: 6 weeks

    Problem: Sugar cravings

    First time trying the product, cool! Delivery was a bit too long though...


    Conor Clarke

    Verified Buyer

    USE: 1 week

    Problem: Sugar cravings

    I don’t know if it is psychological effect, but I have been taking the pills for only one week and I already eat sweets less!


    Kristina Virina

    Verified Buyer

    USE: 4 weeks

    Problem: Glucose level

    I tried repeating the course and I worked out nicely, I thought I would get tired but no! Love it and recommend it! Very tasty and interesting dishes.


    Simona Gruber

    Verified Buyer

    USE: 3 Months

    Problem: Sugar cravings

    I'm really trying to fight the sugar cravings. As a result I started to eat less and lose weight. These supplements really might help.

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