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    Start your day with Sentum

    Sentum is an against sugar cravings supplement, it helps to control and to reduce various negative effects of sucrose on the body.

    Sentum is a result of two years of scientific work, we tried to create a product that would not only reduce the risk that comes from excessive sugar consumption but would also lower the desire for it.

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    Sentum Help to Reduce


    blood glucose


    Discover the Most Effective Ingredients

    Gymnema extract - that to maintain normal sugar level in the body.

    Golden roods extract - to adapt to emotional stress and physical activity.

    Turmeric extract - that stimulates the immune system and provides an antioxidant effect.


    Customers Reviews

    Ines Abbey

    I’ve never seem a product like that before, I am waiting for new releases. I think this product is made for everyone!

    Lina Keller

    Saw it online and bought it. So far I am happy, I was tracking my glucose levels and they actually became more sable. So it’s true!

    Meggie Peres

    I believe that tablets has impacted my skin and I will continue to take them!

    Isabella Dunn

    I starting to see result. Good good tablets! Slow no more eating much.

    Victoria Jacobson

    Muy buen servicio, no tienen bots, solo personas reales te ayudan a resolver tus problemas!

    Daniela Silva

    Very good product, I am satisfied with the results. However, I was wondering if there will be a launch of any new products?

    Sabrina Gibson

    tomó un tiempo para recibir mi paquete…

    Camila Jensen

    No puedo decir que sea lo mejor que he comprado, ¡pero sin duda es increíble!

    Daren Carpenter

    After a couple of weeks of using a tablet in the morning and evening i noticed my weakness in my cravings to eat somthing sweet to subside , meaning that i have actually lost 4…

    Suzanna Jonas

    Very interesting product, I saw an ad on Facebook and felt like trying it out. Had to say if it works now, but I have been measuring my glucose levels everyday and they are stable…

    Hugo Garcia

    A mi edad es difícil encontrar algo que realmente funcione. Me dijeron que probara Sentum y estoy muy satisfecho. Me ayudó a estabilizar mis niveles de glucosa y mejorar mis hábitos alimenticios.

    Christine Hortman

    Best product I’ve ever seen. I like that it is natural and since I’ve been a vegan for over 30 years, it is perfect for me. I saw how my body started performing much better…

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    Expert Opinion

    "Sentum has the ability to lower blood glucose levels in diabetes mellitus and reduce the risk of its complications; the product has anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating, antibacterial and antiviral effects. The product can be used as a prevention"

    Dmitry Babarygin

    Chairman of the Board of IIBT


    Why do you need the Sentum?

    The Sentum contains a powerful combination of natural, and herbal compounds that combat sugar receptors in the brain. These receptors are responsible for making you reach for sugary treats. By cutting the cravings, the Sentum course reduces excessive sugar consumption, elevating your energy levels and allowing you to see instant health benefits of a clean, sugar-free diet.

    Is the Sentum supplement medically approved?

    The Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology and rigorous Pharmaceutical Grade Standards has confirmed: Sentum is a revolutionary supplement that successfully reduces sugar cravings.

    Who has created the Sentum?

    A team of some of the world’s best endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, nutritionists, and technologists, came together to solve the global problem of sugar cravings. The Sentum course is the only available therapy for sugar craving.

    How does Sentum help me lose weight?

    The Sentum reduces cravings for sweets by restraining the absorption of glucose in the intestines. This prevents weight gain and enhances insulin synthesis which helps to regulate sugar. The Sentum also suppresses the activity of Amylase—a digestive enzyme that hydrolyses starch into glucose.

    How to use Sentum?

       Take Sentum 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening before any food consumption.

    How long do I need to use Sentum?

    The duration of the Sentum course depends on your personal needs and the problems you want to solve with Sentum. Our team has developed different options for using the supplement. An express program and a few longer courses, so that everyone can find the perfect one for themselves according to their needs.

    Our team recommends drinking a 3-months course, as during this period the supplement will eliminate various problems caused by sugar and its excessive consumption as effectively as possible.

    People with high blood sugar and a tendency to diabetes can take Sentum regularly.

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    "A product that looks good and helps to reduce sugar cravings? Here at LLM, we’re sold."

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