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Supplement to boost the immune system (60 pills)

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6 months our medical team have been developing a product for the immune system which really works! A natural supplement with 11 ingredients formula, which provide the highest boost for your immune system. SENTUM Immune is our newest supplement which should be used during flu period & cold period or as preventative. It helps to prevent illnesses, improve your mood and increase overall body protection functions.



scientific development

100% natural ingredients

Clinically approved

Made in eu

A combination of eleven natural active ingredients that help you to:

Promotes stronger immunity, reduce risk of cold and symptoms during the cold

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SENTUM Immune ingredients have strong anti-viral activity against respiratory diseases. Antioxidants help prevent the cell damage that results from inflammation. SENTUM combination has a synergy, which provides stronger antimicrobial effect on a body.

Improves protective functions of the body

SENTUM Immune contains a complex mix of active substances. Some of these compounds have antimicrobial and antiviral properties, while others may support the immune system in other ways. Researches showed, that ingredients in SENTUM combination helps in the activation of t-cells, which are reliable for immune response in human body.

Reduces sore throat, cough, and fever symptoms

The antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-fungal properties of SENTUM ingredients will help to manage seasonal cough, cold, illnesses and congestion. Active substances in SENTUM keep viral infections at bay and are effective against HIV, herpes viruses, and severe acute respiratory anomalies.

Product Information

Our study has found that SENTUM Immune has an ability to reduce cold episode days and a total cold symptom score compare to placebo. The randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study included 25 healthy volunteers who took 832mg of SENTUM Immune per day for a total of 4 weeks. The SENTUM Immune ingredients was compared with a placebo.

Sentum Immune

SENTUM Immune was made with a team of doctors and Medical specialists under the head of production Professor Dmitry Babarykin. SENTUM is a unique supplement, because the formula was made by a clinical team. SENTUM production had 3 phases of development:

Theoretical studies:

Our team was searching for different types of ingredients which promotes stronger immunity system, reduces inflammatory, fever symptoms and prevent infectious. Very carefully was chosen a bulk of possible ingredients with proven efficiency (all ingredients have in vivo/in vitro studies).

Practical studies:

Our team started looking for strongest “synergy” between ingredients, which will provide the highest effect. After a long combination trials we found SENTUM Immune Formula. It contains 11 active ingredients, which have a very strong synergy. That means alternative supplement with a combination of effect proven ingredients but without synergy between them can have 10x times lower effect than SENTUM supplement.

Patients study

Our study has found that Sentum Immune has an ability to reduce cold episode days and a total cold symptom score compare to placebo. The randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study included 25 healthy volunteers who took 832 mg of Sentum Immune per day for a total of 4 weeks. The Sentum Immune ingredients was compared with a placebo.

1. Flu time reduction (placebo group ~ 8 days, Sentum Group ~6 days)

2. Faster fever symptoms reduction (cough, cold, illnesses and congestion)

3. Energy boost (17 out of 25 patients said that they feel an energy increase)

Sentum Immune

Clincial studies about SENTUM Immune ingredients:

  1. Licorice
  2. Hypericum perforatum
  3. Echinaceae
  4. Curcumin
  5. Ginger
  6. Elderberry
  7. Piper nigrum
  8. Green tea
  9. Seabuckthorn

Our main goal is to provide you with the strongest possible natural effect. That is why our pills contain 835mg in each serving with the highest allowed ratio of ingredients. Don’t skip the consumption time, because it is necessary for the strongest immunity boost and for better assimilation of all natural ingredients of the dietary supplement.

GINGER extract - stimulates the respiratory cells to secrete an anti-viral protein called interferon-beta.

ELDERBERRY EXTRACT - has antioxidants and vitamins that boost your immune system.

Turmeric extract - activates T cells, B cells, macrophages, neutrophils, natural killer cells, and dendritic cells.

Take Sentum Immune 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. Maximum Sentum Immune pills per day — 2 pills.

SENTUM always offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you made an order in our official website: If you don't like the product, product was damaged or delivery didn't arrive we can offer you several ways of money return.

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Also, if your order was received after more than written delivery days in our policy, we offer additional discounts for your next order.

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Ginger (4:1)

Ginger (4:1)

Improve cells’ antioxidant capacity, enhances immune function, reducing inflammatory response.

Curcumin (66:1)

Curcumin (66:1)

Curcumin is capable of inhibiting the replication of a diverse group of viruses through numerous mechanisms.

Elderberry (4:1)

Elderberry (4:1)

Helps tame inflammation, lessens stress, and helps protect your heart.

Ehinacea (7:1)

Ehinacea (7:1)

Stimulates the immune system to more effectively fight infection.

Liquorice (3:1)

Liquorice (3:1)

Significantly suppresses tumor growth and increases immune organ index.

St. John’s Worth (0,35hyp)

St. John’s Worth (0,35hyp)

Soothes discomfort during illness and helps to fight infection.

Green Tea (18:1)

Green Tea (18:1)

Contains a powerful antioxidant called Epigallocatechin (EGCC) that helps protect cells from damage.

Buckthorn (10% cascarosides)

Buckthorn (10% cascarosides)

Helps to prevent inflammation, boosts the action of vitamin C, and protects blood vessels.

Vitamin D (640IU)

Vitamin D (640IU)

Reduces risks of respiratory diseases and cold.

Vitamin C (97%)

Vitamin C (97%)

Shortens the time of symptoms during cold.

Black Pepper (50:1)

Black Pepper (50:1)

Has expectorant properties that help reduce symptoms associated with cough and cold.

Frequently asked questions

Why do you need the SENTUM Immune?

SENTUM Immune is a completely natural combination which will boost your immune system, reduce sore throat, cough, fever symptoms, and increase energy. This supplement will be a must have during cold periods and in high viruses zones . It will also provides you a boost in energy and you will feel more fresh during winter periods. SENTUM Immune product includes 11 different ingredients which work together to reduce risks of respiratory diseases.

Is the SENTUM Immune ingredients medically approved?

All ingredients in SENTUM Immune have in vivo and in vitro studies, which prove high treatment and prevention potential in respiratory diseases and provide support for your immune system. SENTUM Immune combination has a strong synergy and provides high natural effects on your immune system. More information about studies you can find here.

Who has created the SENTUM Immune?

SENTUM Immune was made by a medical team in cooperation with Innovative Institute of Biomedical Technologies in Latvia. SENTUM Immune had 3 stages of production:

  • Theoretical studies
  • Practical studies
  • Patient trials

Ginger, Curcumin, Buckthorn has been shown to boost immune system?

Yes, Ginger, Curcumin and Buckthorn has very strong anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimicrobial effects. These ingredients eases cold symptoms like a sore throat, inflammation in the lungs and general aches and pains from colds. It also settles nausea that can sometimes come with the flu. Combination in SENTUM Immune can reduced the yield of virus by over 90% in cell culture. A recently in vitro study has demonstrated that some SENTUM ingredients inhibits respiratory syndrome virus (RSV) by blocking attachment to host cells and can prevent the replication of RSV in human nasal epithelial cells. More information about studies you can find here.

Does it help during a cold?

Yes, one of the main SENTUM Immune direct effects is reduction of cold symptoms. SENTUM Immune’s ingredients reduce cold episode days and cold symptom score. It helps to lower inflammations and stimulate your immune system. As a result, you will feel reduction in symptoms like cough, cold, illnesses and congestion. More information about SENTUM Immune influence on your body you can find here.

Does it treat cold symptoms?

Yes, SENTUM Immune ingredients help to reduce cold symptoms, especially - cough, cold, illnesses congestion and pains from colds. SENTUM Immune increases killer cells in your body and you experience reduction in total cold days and reduction in cold symptoms. More information you can find here.

How to use?

Take Sentum Immune 2 times a day - in the morning and in the evening. Maximum SENTUM Immune pills per day — 2 pills.

Having such a boost during winter times is something we all need. Sentum Immune does the job!“


Sentum regular customer

Sentum Immune Review


Comprador verificado

USO: 4 weeks

Problem: blood glucose levels

Product quality for blood glucose levels are great, but I was disappointed because I ordered in one package pills for glucose and for immune, but I got only pills for glucose :(


Al Suprun

Comprador verificado

USO: 6 weeks

Problem: healthy diet

Hello, I am interested to get more details about your products and services, especially, what makes your offer better than your competitors' ? Also - are you looking for distributors or resellers? Waiting for your reply, Al Suprun Montreal, Canada


Gregory J

Comprador verificado

USO: 2 weeks

Problem: Cold symptoms

Like this product! I think this product works. The sore throat became less after taking sentum immune!


Fedor K

Comprador verificado

USO: 4 weeks

Problem: Immunity problems

I started taking Sentum Immune hoping it would help me avoid getting sick, but unfortunately, I still caught a cold. However, I did notice that my symptoms were less severe than they usually are, and I recovered faster than usual. I think this supplement could be effective for some people, but it didn't work miracles for me.


Dora Schwarc

Comprador verificado

USO: 2 months

Problem: Sneezing

I've been taking Sentum Immune for a while now, and I've noticed that my seasonal allergies are much less severe. I used to suffer from stuffy nose and sneezing fits, but since taking this supplement, those symptoms have been greatly reduced. I'm so grateful for this natural and effective solution.


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